Independence Packs


Goal = to deliver 100 packs by the 2017 years end!
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In the efforts to find personal independence after suffering a neurological disability, searching for the right tools is often a very time-consuming process. Each individual adapts differently and at there own pace. However, with an open mind and some inspiration someone’s independence can be realized sooner rather than later. Some of our ‘everyday’ tools can offer multiple roles in furthering one’s physical independence. Useful Assistive technology is out there and often times right in front of our noses.

This realization is what has lead Chase to put together a list of items that he has found the most useful in his own efforts to live more independently. Some of the featured items included (and not limited to):

These independence packs can be more than just useful for those dealing with physical limitations. We urge ALL individuals who have tips and tricks to come forth and share their experiences with the disability community.

More to follow with the use of these items! So stay tuned!

**Being that this is the first fundraiser for this (hopefully ongoing) campaign, we are attempting to raise the needed funds just for 1 Independence Pack (to see how this goes). Any funds made in excess will go directly towards the next purchase of needed items.

**All of the items have been priced out at retail cost (at the moment) until we can find a way to obtain items at a cheaper price.

**Initial recipient(s) will be to those of the recently acquired Spinal Cord Injuries surrounding the greater New Orleans area. Currently projected delivery is quarterly (ex March 31, June 31, Sept. 31, and Dec. 31).