One of the biggest obstacles with an acquired disability is what it does to the person emotionally.  A person is often stripped of their natural rights of movement and ease of cognition when a disability has been acquired. This ultimately has the greatest impact on whether an individual will fight forward or hunker down. However, success has to have a beginning! That beginning is a DREAM. That dream leads to a GOAL . And with determination and support that goal leads to FULFILLMENT.

Chase Your Dreams Foundation began on the principles of learning from experience. However, we believe that experiences need to be impactful in order to make the best change.

By helping make a dream a reality, we inspire a sense of dignity and re-fulfillment for those who may have been dealt a disability.
- Chase Treadway

What We Do

Chase Your Dreams Foundation Provides a chance for people with a disability to experience something that they never thought they could due to certain physical limitations. It is our collective understanding that life and rehabilitation only get better with a positive mindset.

This foundation strives to promote ones sense of dignity to those who may have lost themselves in a disability. The goal is clear, to overcome life’s obstacles and find fulfillment in our daily lives. With those understood goals we can begin to search for ideas that will pave the road to bigger and better things. These ideas may include (but are not limited to) going skydiving, finding a new hobby, or even simply getting back in shape.

Whatever the goal is, we are here to help you conquer the fear and achieve a milestone.


How It Began


Chase Your Dreams Foundation was created by Chase Treadway on July 19, 2013. Founded on the principle of creating a positive mindset to promote progressive healing, Chase began a journey like no other. He learned through his volunteer experience that the biggest losses for people after an injury or illness are their dignity and the drive to live on. Reacquiring these traits must start somewhere, and that somewhere is a positive experience.

Through Chase’s own post-injury milestones he has learned that you can’t truly appreciate life unless you actually live life. As an adrenaline junkie he continues to strengthen his own appreciation through experiences such as skydiving and car racing, but has also learned to appreciate the everyday things like learning to drive a modified car, swim again and live independently.